Who We Are

1. We strive to be biblically accurate.

If our content doesn’t align with God’s word nothing we do is of any real value. Our primary goal will always be accuracy.

2. We create engaging and interactive Bible study tools.

This is Bible study 2.0. It’s about taking the black and white and bringing it into full color. We want to leverage the powerful multimedia tools, of today, to help a new generation of Bible students learn God’s timeless message.

3. We offer our video series free to everyone.

Our belief is that good Bible study content should be available to everyone. And our material has been used worldwide and translated into many other languages.


Since the first day Stuart and Craig came together for coffee to discuss an idea, to where we are today has been a tremendous journey for us all. We’ve made sure throughout the process, we’ve kept our promise to our mission and to our donors. Click the link below to see a timeline of each milestone.


We are a team of creatively gifted, passionate believers. Our production team is who is taking these black and white pages and bring them into full color multimedia. We are so blessed to have the ability to work together for the cause of bringing us all closer to Christ.


Appian Media is a not-for-profit Christian team, leveraging today’s technology to create new and interactive ways to study the Bible. By raising donations through monthly subscriptions, we are able to make our Bible study tools biblically accurate, free to the world, and accessible to all. We would love to hear from you!


If the impact of our video series has confirmed one thing it’s this: the world wants more biblically accurate Bible study multimedia tools. And we want to provide these kind of resources free to all, but we can’t do it alone. We need your help. Won’t you consider supporting us through a micro-donation?